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​- Market research
​- Product design
​- Product development
​- Design for manufacturing


Single Dose d23


​- Market research
​- Product design
​- Digital

A single-dose coffee roaster, designed for the true coffee professional.

ansa's patent-pending roasting technology uses an innovative method based on dielectric heating to activate the beans by applying energy to roast to perfection from the core to the shell.

The design process involved several key steps to ensure it met the needs and integrates into the coffee professional’s workspace. The initial phase included extensive research into the preferences and requirements of professional home coffee roasters, focusing on factors such as batch size, control options, and use scenario.


This research informed the development of several conceptual designs, that were influenced by iconic objects and tools synonymous with coffee tools as well as by smart home kitchen environment. The final design prioritized precision control over the roasting process, that allows for precise and fluent use.

Design process

ansā’s unique technology allows rapid on-demand roasting providing a single dose of freshly roasted coffee in 5 minutes.

The Experience

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