Bright Machines is a software and robotics company whose applications focus on automation for the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Micro manufacture

Bright Machines (a Flex sub-company) employs “micro-factories” made up of robot cells for the purpose of automating electronics manufacturing and inspection.

The challenge

Main UX goals

  • Exploit web capabilities to allow improved, future-ready interface (i.e screen-less Cells…)

  • Simplify even the most complex and time-consuming tasks (i.e. Recipe Builder)

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By applying computer vision, machine learning, simulation, and adaptive robotics to the factory floor, BR change the scalability, resiliency, and economics of the industry.

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The process

Main research outcome

  • Responsive Design Possible

  • UX should be much more flexible

  • No Limitations regarding transitions, animations etc.

  • Full control over which information are exposed at which time to the user – not everything needs to be “on screen” all the time

The solution

Visual attribute

Use of spatial orientation and animation to structure the UI

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