The future of health is in your hands Medical exams from your smartphone to your physician 





A year before the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, we came across an amazing concept: a doctor performs 14 checkups on patients and all of them are carried out remotely, using the computing power of our mobile phones. The company was called MYHOMEDOC and the idea was astounding: do everything in Real-Time directly with your doctor over your phone.

We jumped on this project because it relates to all our areas of specialization: 

An understanding of both ordinary end user, access to complex technology for a mother who has to photograph her son’s throat or ear, and the transfer of all data to the doctor or to the health provider accurately and confidentially.​

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The company name was changed from MYHOMEDOC to Nonagone, and its system enables doctors and medical professionals to communicate with patients and manage them remotely. We worked on two things simultaneously:

Defining and designing the system of digital relations between doctors and patients for remote diagnosis and treatment.​ Building a comprehensive administrative system to monitor and analyze treatment processes

and costs.

The project included thorough research and definition of patient and physician behaviors.

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The challenges

Making sure it was compatible for every type of telephone, taking the parental scenario to users who are not necessarily at ease with technology, maintaining privacy within the confines of strict global regulations, and providing a personal connection to the remote doctor for patients who are used to waiting in line at the clinic and can now consult with him or her directly without leaving home


The project included optical sharing of photographs, development of a heart rate meter and a sensitive finger sensor, a design that is both friendly but also medically-focused and accurate – all this we developed and packaged and were on the way to planning and production, and then Covid arrived… we understood that there is a whole world waiting for this kind of solution.

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The Nonagone Telemedicine system that was fully developed here in Tamooz represents a special holistic integration of a physical product, an advanced digital experience, an application and management system.

The entire product is currently being prepared for introduction into leading medical centers in the USA and worldwide.



The design process focused on the ideal way of providing access to treatment in a medical format, without compromising on a top-notch, user-friendly design. 


When planning the administrative and manag-ement aspects, we focused on designing the experience to meet the needs of the various individuals involved (doctors, nurses, medical managers, etc.).

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