Tamooz is fighting COVID-19 with creativity and professionalism!

We are happy to announce that we have moved forward to a clinical testing stage, with the streamO2, developed in collaboration with Sodastream.

What is that? he StreamO2 is a high flow nasal cannula device, developed in collaboration with Sodastream’s R&D team and Hadassa hospital, in order to prevent deterioration in respiratory patients measures.

It is done with a “low-cost and simple to manufacture” device, which is set to produce the exact controlled amount of oxygen and humidity to the patient's lungs.

In this project we’ve leveraged our experience and unique strengths as an agile, multidisciplinary team of designers and engineers, along with a true passion to take part and assist with the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

prototyping model for clinical testing:

So how was it done?

The streamO2 works by creating a high flow of air and oxygen mixture (FIO2) through a patient’s nose. The device controls not only the flow, but also the temperature and humidity, which are critical to the safety and quality of respiration.

The StreamO2 is designed to treat COVID-19 patients at mild to moderate conditions, who are in respiratory distress, but are still breathing spontaneously.

It actually prevents the need for artificial respiration in many situations, and therefore prevents many common side effects. Unlike a respirator, the StreamO2 use does not require intubating the patients, and it allows these scarcely available machines to be freed up and used only for the most critical cases.

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