We turn innovative products into

tangible success.

The Spirit, one of SodaStream’s most successful products ever - over 5,000,000 units in 3 years.

Whether you’re a large company or an early stage startup, starting  a product from scratch or further developing an existing one – our unmatched experience and wide range of tools allow us to quickly dive into your technology, understand your vision and business goals and distill everything to a cleverly designed product that brings true value to your users – all within predefined budgets and tight deadlines.

Our fields of expertise

Wearable Tech

Wearable devices are among the fastest growing, buzz-making product categories of recent years.

Our portfolio includes a number of connected wearable devices designed and engineered from early concept to production, for both medical and lifestyle applications.

With emphasis on ergonomics, clever use of materials and precise engineering, developing such products is usually based on quick yet efficient iterations where we ideate, prototype, validate and repeat as needed.

Dolphin M-600 (launched 2019), one of 11 different pool cleaning robots designed and developed for Maytronics since 2013

Home Automation

In a world where everything around us is either smart, connected, autonomous or automated, it’s important to remember that products are eventually still used by, well, people.

Our proven user-centered design approach is relevant no matter how technologically advanced a product is. and it stands at the core of our long-lasting partnership with Maytronics, proudly serving as their go-to design firm since 2013.

In the Field

Combining vast knowledge in agriculture and tech with some healthy Hutzpah, Israeli Agritech startups are conquering the world with innovations that help farmers reduce labor, use less water and produce better crops.

Shown in the picture is part of a system we designed and developed for Phytech, which monitors plant needs and provides farmers across the US, Australia and Brazil with valuable insights.

On the Front Line

The Personal Hovering System for Rafael has first arrived to our studio as a POC mockup, and presented us with some unique challenges on its way to become an actual product.

An agile approach coupled with extensive experience in developing mechanisms, helped us provide an elegant solution that simplified both the structure and the user experience.

Professional Tools

Veika’s Dimense is the world's first printer to enable embossing at the same time it digitally prints, allowing users to print unique, non-repetitive wallpapers.

For this product we developed a modular structure that later made it easy to expend the product line, while keeping a consistent design language and low manufacturing and maintenance costs.

The unique cooperation between Tamooz and Maytronics has stretched our imagination and resulted in a state-of-the-art design.

Yuval Beeri,

CEO, Maytronics

Innovative Concepts

The concept we developed for the 3-in-1 Rocker-Napper quickly became a world hit, and a leading revenue source for Tiny Love (now part of Dorel Juvenile).

By allowing the child to remain in the rocker as they drift into sleep, the 3-in-1 Rocker-Napper defined a new product category and made many parents happy.

What sets us apart

Advanced Engineering

Since 2012 we’ve been developing the heart of every new SodaStream machine, bringing world-class engineering together with award-winning designs.

Our contributions include core-mechanical innovations that help enhance user experience, clever plastic engineering, complete design for manufacturing (DFM), product simplification and cost reduction, and solutions that allow user customization and personalization.

From 10

to 10 Million

Bringing the design to mass production is a critical stage for any new physical product. This is where vast experience, maturity and professionalism come together in delivering a robust and profitable product. 

We make sure that your final product stays as close to the initial vision as possible, every step of the way.

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