Passion backed by Experience

For two decades, our team has been steadily growing in size and experience, building a reputation and expertise for turning innovations into profitable, high quality products.

With hundreds of projects behind us, we bring a proven, reliable process for the development of new products, and tailor it to fit every circumstance - be it a big manufacturer or a seed startup.

Above all we believe in partnership with our clients; and that fluent communication, dialogue between teams and cooperation are key to our mutual success.

Tamooz' Founders

Amit Avigdor

Eyal Shmueli

Amit, an industrial designer, and Eyal, mechanical engineer and former IAF pilot, joined hands in 1999 to establish Tamooz. Their goal was to build a reliable development partner for companies aiming to grow via new products. By bringing in a combination of innovative spirit and deep appreciation for real world complexities, Tamooz has become that partner, helping world leading companies bring their next generation products into existence.

Tamooz' Services

Concept Development &

Product Innovation

  • Result oriented innovation

  • Design management

  • Product strategy

  • Product characterization / requirements specification

  • Project management

Product Design / Industrial Design

  • Award-winning product design

  • Ergonomics / Human engineering

  • Design for Product positioning

  • High-End detailing and aesthetics

  • CMF (Color/Material/Finish) innovation

Product Development &

Mechanical Engineering

  • Electro-mechanical & Micro-mechanism development

  • Mechanical design-to-cost

  • Assembly simplification

  • Stress simulations 

Prototyping &

Proof of Concept

  • Functional Prototypes

  • Aesthetic / Visual Prototypes

  • Mixed technologies / materials

  • CMF and surface details

  • Bio-compatible / Medical-grade materials

  • Testing systems / Jigs

Digital Product Design /

UX-UI, Medical-UX, HMI

  • IoT Apps & Dashboards

  • Medical Apps / Devices

  • B2B / B2C / Web / Mobile

  • HMI, Robots and Automation

  • Mixed Digital/Physical UI

  • Concept, Wireframes, Prototyping

  • Adaptive / Responsive design

Design for Manufacturing


  • Small / Large / Extreme production series

  • Design to cost

  • Cost reduction

  • Advanced plastic design & engineering

  • Flow simulations

Some of our Awards