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​- Market research
​- Product design
​- Product development
​- Design for manufacturing


Single Dose


​- Market research

​- Engineering
​- Product design
​- Digital

A single-dose coffee roaster, designed for the true coffee professional.

Making use of high-quality materials, places the Art at the forefront of global design.

The design and function ranging from retro to contemporary, makes it an international award winning product.

We put special effort to create the best experience for the user. We made a comfortable handle, turning the soda-making process to be smooth and elegant.​


​We are proud to escort and lead the development & design process of the Art through its stages. From establishing the concepts to preliminary sketches, building the prototypes, and at the end, the manufacturing at Sodastream factories.
The Art includes mechanisms Tamooz patented (!). The CQC - used for simple and easy replacement of the gas cylinder, and the Tilt & Fizz that attaches the bottle to the machine.


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