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The Concept

The concept supports the ‘’On Demand’’ approach, reducing waste to a minimum.
With a unique patent developed by Tamooz, all you need is a press of a button and  the machine makes a fresh dish of hummus from raw materials mix.

The revolutionary Hummus mixing machine, developed by Tamooz in collaboration with Strauss, prepares fresh Hummus without any preservatives or artificial materials, with only the press of a button.


During the development process, we mapped the different professional working areas, the operative challenges, and the strict maintenance standards for machines containing sensitive food making. 


Art machine


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​- Market research
​- Product design
​- Product development
​- Design for manufacturing


The machine stands in the seamline between the industrial, clean and tight design to an oriental styling and touch.


Hummus mix machine


​- Market research

​- Engineering
​- Product design
​- Design for manufacturing

​- UX/UI

Fresh Hummus vending for a professional kitchen use. A food-tech product developed by Tamooz and Strauss.

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