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​- User experience
​- User interface
​- Industrial design


Production line robotic cells interface

Bright Machines

​- Product design

User experience
​- User interface
​- Industrial design

Defining and designing the interface for Bright Machines first-generation line of products.

Bright Machines line of modular robotic cells promise to set up customized production lines on demand. Making robotic technology that is accessible requires exceptional ease of use in every aspect.

Recipe builder 

One of the biggest challenges was to redesign the way that users build and edit the robot tasks, so called "recipes". We wanted the process to be as visual as possible and add as little complexity as possible. At the same time users had to program complicated series of tasks.
The solution was a scratch-like visual programming tool, with a variety of building blocks. These can be combined via a simple drag and drop interface and allow creating complex operations.

Design concepts

The system allows users to go from top level (monitoring several machines at once) down to to the individual movements and settings of each robotic cell.

Remote health care device and interface

Nonagon Care

​Sock liner production machine interface


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