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​- Market research
​- Product design
​- UX /UI


Sock liner production
machine interface


​- Product design

​- User experience

​- User interface

​- Motion design

An advanced user interface we built for Nike's sock-liner production machine, in collaboration with Flex ,a global manufacturing expert.

​We created a digital twin of the machine and 2d layouts of different areas, A combination that allows navigation from an overview to data access and performing specific actions. 

Using clear visual elements, 3D animations and logical hierarchy, we were able to transform a highly complex control unit into an easy-to-use system

3 Level hierarchy

A clear, systematic approach that exploits the dynamic possibilities of web-based User Experience:

Level 1: Operator Main View
Entire machine layout in top view

Level 2: Zoom in with details
Focus on a specific module for more details

Level 3: Advanced Settings
Module parameters & settings (only Technician can modify)

3D Orientation

A 3D view of the machine highlights the right areas, at the right time, from a view angle that the operator could relate to. The visualization underlines the checklist character of the job setup process.

Our focus was to guide the operator through a clear step-by-step process with strong visual cues and feedback. Using a card based approach we divided the various tasks into main clusters.

Production line robotic cells interface

Bright Machines

Customer treatment interface

Apos Therapy

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