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EEG smart monitor


The smart EEG headset monitor uses EEG sensors, which generate a Brain Engagement Index, that represents a patient’s level of attention during cognitive exercises.

During this project, much time and efforts were spent researching the users, interviewing the therapists as well as the patients, and "breaking down" the user experience. We created tens of models to test the challenging head ergonomics, making sure the product will be used on varying sizes and circumferences. 
Comfort and ease-of-use were the biggest challenges in this product development.

Research &


The innovative technology allows doctors to assess cognitive impairment recovery and intervene during therapy sessions for patients healing from brain Issues such as ADHD and depression.


We chose to use soft materials on a flexible core which allows the product to be stable and comfortable simultaneously. The product is characterized by soft formatting lines which correspond with smart medical devices and indicates how user friendly it is by the unique but coherent design language used.

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​- Market research
​- Product design
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