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Oximetry monitor


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​- Product design
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World’s First FDA-cleared smart wrist saturation monitor

Tamooz design & beyond Oxitone


Our focus was to design a bracelet,
which is ergonomically adapted to be worn comfortably throughout the day and ensures continuous monitoring for all wrist sizes, critical for accuracy.
We chose a combination of flexible and hard materials and innovative and advanced textiles for the wrist band.

Oxitone’s technological break-through is in the sensor location at the top of the wrist ulnar bone. The flexible sensor that utilizes so-called trans-illumination optical technology that enables to copy and follow topography of the wrist.


The development of a wearable device begins with in-depth research and experience. In the early stages, we examined various structural configurations and the use of innovative materials in order to finalize the product architecture. 

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​- Market research
​- Product design
​- Product development
​- Design for manufacturing


Despite the fact that it is a medical device, the choice to wear the Oxitone bracelet is a fashion statement and not a medical necessity.
Tamooz design & beyond Oxiton

Remote health care device and interface

Nonagon Care

EEG smart monitor


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