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​- Market research
​- Product design
​- Product development
​- Design for manufacturing
The award winning Spirit is SodaStream’s most successful and best-selling flagship product and was designed and engineered by Tamooz.
The Spirit is familiar all over the world and has starred for years in advertisements in all possible media. We at Tamooz are proud and excited to be the ones who conceived, designed, and developed this best-selling icon, in collaboration with the SodaStream team.




​- Market research

​- Engineering
​- Product design
​- Design for manufacturing

Design and development of the SodaStream flagship device


We went through a redesign process, preserving the iconic contour of the "Jet" soda machine while offering an up-to-date, holistic, and pleasing design language, with clean, flowing lines.
A design that can complement many different kitchen styles, crossing borders and cultures, being sold all over the world.

How to find the seamline between preserving an icon and creating a new one?


A significant improvement that we introduced is the "snap and lock" mechanism, enabling rapid bottle connection and an amazing user experience.
We have maintained the efficient manufacturing features (“Monoblock”) and thus kept the price attractive for customers. 
This method helped us a synergetic workflow between designers and in-house engineers, making the product ready for mass production. 

Design for



Hummus mix machine


Terra machine

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