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UX and UI Design

for professional-grade products and services.

Hardware, software, or a mix of both – it is 2019, and chances are your product has some form of a digital interface. Our small, dedicated team of UX/UI experts has defined, designed and helped launch dozens of disruptive products including Medical-IoT mobile apps, B2B SaaS products, Angular/React based interfaces for groundbreaking robotic systems, and more.

Physical meets Digital

Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

Robotics & Automation

Manufacturing Platforms

IIoT / Industry 4.0

IoT Ecosystems (B2B / B2C)

IoT Dashboards & Cloud Apps

IoT Mobile Apps & Medical IoT Apps

Cross-platform Design Systems

On-Device Interface (ODI)

Smart Home Appliances

Medical Devices

Lab Equipment

Tamooz took us on a magical journey starting with an intelligent and professional dialog, peripheral understanding of the business and technology, presentation of alternatives and superb execution of a visually impressive, clear and structured UI for extremely complex systems.


Ofer Ricklis

VP Global Automation, Flex

Panormic Power bridge router

Simplifying the complex

Be it a vast cloud-based dashboard system, a touch-operated machine, or a tiny hand-held device with a single button - we'll help you build a solution which is smart yet simple, enabling users to achieve their goals quickly and effortlessly.


Inspired by the real world

By applying principles from the physical world, we deliver digital interfaces with high clarity and perfect user orientation, allowing almost anyone to find their way around seemingly complex systems.

This includes basing our designs on logical layers, making sensible use of color, breaking-down of complicated processes and utilizing animations to fill-in the gaps.

Focusing the user on what matters

Operating complex interfaces shouldn't rely on overloading the user with endless information.

We thoroughly analyse various usage scenarios and use this data to build a dynamic interface, that only shows what's needed at a given moment. In this way we manage to reduce cognitive load, shorten training time and minimize user errors.

Adding a little flavor

No user experience is complete without some delight. In fact, in many cases we see it as an integral part of the interface's functionality. 

Cheerful micro-interactions, personalized insights, customizable work environments and thoughtful shortcuts are some of the ways to encourage usage and promote positive product acceptance.

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